At the moment the delivery service only covers surrounding area of South Manchester. It has a future plans of growth through partnership to cover more area and more cities in Great Britain.

To grow a decent market share, efforts to capture mind share and to establish a brand recognition will be done through alternative media to reach target market in some key location in the surrounding Manchester city area.

RASSA is positioning itself as an attractive savory snack option using the tag line: A Little Taste Of Malaysia.

Curry puff which is of Malay origin, is now widely popular in Singapore and Thailand. There is no serious effort thus far in positioning curry puff as a niche tasty option in Britain. I truly believe that curry puff has the potential to be a main stream food option if enough work is done to highlight its unique quality and superior taste to the mass market.

Seymour Cooke (2002) reports that, in line with the growing consumer preference for snacking, the savoury snacks market has been growing steadily at 2-3% each year in recent years and has increased in both volume and value. 344,000 tonnes of savoury snacks, worth 2.4bn, were sold in the UK in 2001, which amounts to 5.8kg per person.

The market for fast foods and takeaway is worth almost 7.5bn and still growing. Sandwiches take the largest market share, capturing over one third of the market, and the value of the sandwich market is increasing at about 4% per annum. Burgers are the next most popular fast food and McDonald's and Burger King take 91% of the market, but the annual growth rate in this sub sector has shown the greatest decline, from 9% in 1998 to 2% in 2001.


Mintel (1999) finds that over 80% of the population would consider buying specialty and artisanal foods and this response rate was spread fairly evenly across all age and socio-economic groups and all regions. There is greater interest from AB's and 35 - 54 year olds, the groups in which most 'food lovers' are included, but interest is not purely related to affluence. Throughout all groups, many said their interest was due to their personal choice or inclination towards these foods.

Britain as a nation is not alien to the spicy taste of curry. I believe with the universal appeal that curry puff has shown in the South East Asian market, breaking into the UK market will not be an impossible dream.


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